A Conversation with LaRhea Pepper, an Organic Cotton Farmer and Managing Director of Textile Exchange

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Source: truecostmovie.com
Source: truecostmovie.com

LaRhea Pepper is a cotton farmer from Lubbock, Texas. She grew up farming and is a key advocate for the importance of organic farming, working to inspire and equip people to accelerate sustainable practices in textile supply chains. Her personal story is a profoundly powerful one and has impacted her passionate involvement in the field, including participating in a lawsuit against Monsanto, the agrochemical corporation.

What is your earliest memory of life on a cotton farm?

Growing up on the farm, I remember just walking out and checking on the cotton. I love the smell of freshly plowed dirt. I remember going out to see Dad as he was working. And then, as I was older, racing behind the tractor and enjoying the coolness of the field when we were planting.

Read the the full interview here – http://truecostmovie.com/larhea-pepper-interview/

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