Organic Silk – New Regulation Makes Certification of Organic Silk Reality

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ICEA has developed a Standard for Organic Sericulture and Moriculture to bridge the gap between the existing European organic farming standard (EC 834/2007) and sericulture practices.

Paolo Foglia of ICEA states: “The approve standard is filling the gap of EU Regulation for Organic Agriculture. In fact, till now, according to Reg (EC) 889/2008, article 7 (Scope) was not legally possible to certify the silkworm making reference to the European Regulation. The formal approval of our standard made from the Italian National Authority for the Organic Agriculture (the Ministry of Agriculture) according to the procedure laid down in article 42 of Reg. (EC) 834/2007, makes now legally possible to certify the silkworm and the cocoons according to the European Legislation.

This is an “open” standard and can be used freely by any organization of the Organic Community making properly reference to the standard itself and to ICEA.”

Ongetta S.r.l.

Tessitura Serica di Olmeda SpA

CEL Srl Unipersonale

Se.Le.Ma. Srl

Fratelli Vitali Spa

Taroni S.p.A.

Source: Textile Exchange eNewsletter, May 2015

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