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PrintEthical Fashion Forum team members attended two key events recently, providing an update on the state of the Ethical Fashion Industry.

1. European Commission: Informal Stakeholders Meeting on Responsible Management of the Supply Chain in the Garment Sector
Last week, SOURCE Editor in Chief, Sarah Ditty, attended the Informal stakeholders meeting on responsible management of the supply chain in the garment sector in Brussels, Belgium.
The European Commission is set to launch a multi-stakeholder initiative that will address all key aspects of sustainable development in the garment supply chain, including social, environmental, health and safety, human rights, gender issues, sustainable production and consumption.
Ditty, who is also part of the Fashion Revolution team, was pleased to contribute towards the shaping of the
priority issues to be tackled by this new EU platform.
The 5-year objectives are yet to be set, but there was a lot of debate around the following key issues:

  • Convergence of social and environmental standards;
  • Support for SMEs in Europe;
  • Capacity building for producing countries;
  • Transparency and reporting; and
  • Access to information for consumers
2. Ethical Fashion 2020: A New Vision for Transparency
On Monday 29 June, EFF team members Sarah Ditty (SOURCE Editor in Chief) and Clare Lissaman (Ethical Fashion Consulting) took part in a roundtable debate “Ethical Fashion 2020: a New Vision for Transparency” at the UK Houses of Parliament.
The two hour debate was chaired by Lucy Siegle in conversation with the Executive Directors of the Ethical Trading Initiative, the Bangladesh Accord, British Fashion Council, Maquiladora Health & Safety Network and Baroness Young of Hornsey.
The key take-aways were:
  • Transparency is a key to progress
  • Public disclosure of factories and their conditions is critical
  • Now is the time to move away from ‘sweatshop’ business models
  • Showcasing and celebrating good practices and positive stories is crucial
  • Legislation is part of the answer but not the whole solution, cultural change is needed
Notes to Editor: If you would like to request further information or a follow up interview with a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and SOURCE team, please contact our Marketing Officer: Qiulae Wong – or 020 7739 7692
About the Ethical Fashion Forum
The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) is the industry body for sustainable fashion, representing over 10,000 members in more than 100 countries. EFF supports its members through the SOURCE platform, launched in 2011, which provides an online network, sourcing and business database, business intelligence, and a global programme of events.

Ethical Fashion: Key Statistics
  • Fashion is considered to be a $3 trillion industry
  • 200 out of the 500 on Forbes annual rich list have made their money from the fashion and retail industry and together are worth over $1 trillion.-McKinsey Report
  • 91% of fashion companies still don’t know where their cotton comes from – Behind the Barcode, Baptist World Aid Australia
  • 1,129 people died and over 2,500 were injured in the Rana Plaza disaster in 2011
  • 50% of consumers are now willing to pay a premium for brands with a social or environmental commitment – 2012 Edelman Good Purpose Report
  • Fashion Revolution Day’s web content was viewed over 14 billion times in 2015
  • Successful sustainable fashion brand, Reformation, turned over $25 million in 2014, and has just raised $12 million in investment from supermodel Karlie Kloss and VC firms
  • The Modern Slavery Bill will require UK companies to disclose their efforts to eradicating slavery throughout the supply chain

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