Making Fashion a Force for Good

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C&A Foundation publishes its annual report, ‘Making Fashion a Force for Good: The challenges and opportunities facing the apparel industry’.

The report is aimed at spurring dialogue and action within the apparel industry. Through testimonials from industry experts, C&A Foundation highlights the challenges fashion is facing, and the opportunities the industry must seize to bring about change.

“Despite greater consumer awareness and powerful reasons to change, we still have not found an equitable, just and ecologically sustainable way to clothe the world,” said Leslie Johnston, Executive Director of C&A Foundation. “Fashion can be a force for good, but all of us – retailers, brands, suppliers, NGOs, governments, farmers and consumers – must work together towards long-term solutions to reach the ultimate goal of a fair and sustainable industry.”

In ‘Making Fashion a Force for Good,’ C&A Foundation discusses some of the complexities of three major challenges facing the apparel industry:

  • Improving the lives and livelihoods of smallholder cotton farmers
  • Eradicating forced labour in the supply chain
  • Enabling just and dignified working conditions

With this report, C&A Foundation calls on all actors in the apparel supply chain to come together to break the existing paradigms by embracing transparency, accountability and collaboration.

The report also highlights important initiatives and partnerships of 2014 and features the foundation’s key fact and figures.

Click here to go to ‘Making Fashion a Force for Good’.

**This report first appeared on the C&A Foundation website here.

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