Indian textile sector marches towards sustainability with Government’s assistance

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As the global impetus on sustainability rises, the Indian Ministry of Textiles is gearing up for the challenge with a fund allocation of US $ 76.8 million. A sum of US $ 76.8 million has been earmarked by the Government under the 12th five year plan to enable the textile industry to meet the required environmental standards by adopting modern technology. An Integrated Processing Development Scheme will be implemented in Public Private Partnership mode by Special Purpose Vehicle which will be a corporate body registered under the Companies Act. Government of India’s support is limited to 50 per cent of the project cost with a ceiling of US $ 11 million (INR 75 Cr) for projects with Zero Liquid Discharge and US $ 1.5 million (INR 10 crore) for projects with conventional treatment systems. In case of marines discharge project, maximum assistance can be given up to US $ 11 million (INR 75 crore) on case to case basis.

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