Textile units in Tamil Nadu unable to bear expenses on compliance issues

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Textile units in SIPCOT unable to bear expenses on compliance issues

Textile units in Perundurai SIPCOT Industrial Growth Centre are reportedly losing out on competitive pricing of products due to large expenses on complying with the norms. It has been said that around 15 units out of 50 have shut their operations in last four years after suffering losses.

S. Selvaraj, Joint Secretary, Perundurai SIPCOT Textiles Processors Association (PSTPA) mentions, “We lose out as the units that do not comply with ZLD norms are able to sell their products for Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 lesser per kg in the export market. It is difficult to survive in the absence of a level-playing field. The units exiting from SIPCOT are moving to other States where the norms are not so stringent.”

The association has also urged the State Government to impose uniform compliance by all dyeing and bleaching industries as it has offered Rs. 700 crore package to establish CETPs in neighbouring districts of the state like Erode.

**This story first appeared on Apparel Resources here.

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