‘There Are No Rules in Fashion But One: Recycle Your Clothes’

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H&M Film Asserts, ‘There Are No Rules in Fashion But One: Recycle Your Clothes’

Image credit: H&M

H&M has released an inspiring film emphasizing that there is only one rule in fashion – to recycle your clothes! Starring and narrated by icon Iggy Pop, and featuring appearances by blogger Pardeep Singh Bahra, emerging designer Loza Maleombho and artist Daniel Lismore, the piece supports H&M’s Close the Loop collection and Global Recycling initiative, which to date, has recycled more than 260 billion pounds of unwanted clothing.

The film asserts that there are no rules in fashion but one: to recycle your clothes. H&M’s mission is to create a closed loop in fashion, and emphasize that you can break the fashion rules as long as all unwanted clothes do not go to waste. By collecting old clothes and turning them into new, updated styles, H&M aims to show its customers that they can completely change the way fashion is made. This will reduce the need for virgin resources; as well as minimize the impact fashion has on our planet.

H&M has also teamed up with DoSomething.org to launch the “Close the Loop College Cup” competition, focusing on recycling amongst U.S. college campuses. The competition, runningSeptember 3rd through October 1st, has invited 50 colleges from around the country to compete to collect the most clothing to recycle at local H&M stores. Ambassadors from each school will lead their teams and classmates by collecting and recycling unwanted clothing around their campuses to be eligible to win a $2,000 scholarship, new laptops, and other compelling prizes for their teams and school.

Coming off the heels of their second annual Comeback Clothes campaign this spring, H&M and DoSomething.org are excited to announce that cumulatively, Comeback Clothes has prevented nearly one million pounds of clothing from ending up in landfills. Rising star Victoria Justice served as the face of the second annual “Comeback Clothes” campaign, and starred in the Public Service Announcement as well as recycled her own clothes.

All H&M stores globally accept clothing and textiles of any brand, in any condition, year round that can be recycled in their garment recycling boxes. H&M encourages everyone to spread the word — and not let fashion go to waste — by sharing the film socially.

**This story first appeared on Sustainable Brands here.

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