Six Takeaways From Nike’s S.I.X. (System Innovation Experiment)

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Courtesy of Nike
Courtesy of Nike

By Gareth Martins

We asked a few supply chain experts to offer their top highlights from Nike’s SIX (System Innovation Experiment) game. 

This year’s Rendezvous features the Nike’s System Innovation Experiment (SIX)—an interactive simulation game that helps brands tackle sustainability challenges in the supply chain. This collaborative exercise brings supply-chain pressures to life, illustrating the potential future impacts of the decisions companies make today.

OIA recently ran this dynamic and exciting event at the Sustainability Insights Conference held at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Here are the top six takeaways from a few of the folks who got to play this past August.

Jeff Nash
VP Engineering Support Services
Black Diamond

  1. Identifying and analyzing strategic alternatives.
  2. Commitment to action & making big decisions.
  3. Collaboration in the supply chain.
  4. Team building exercise: internal and with other organizations,
  5. Educational opportunity on sustainable business opportunity.
  6. Great use of multi-media to maintain interest and excitement.

Jamie Bainbridge
VP of Product Development
Bolt Threads

  1. It is easy to lose sight of strategy in the heat of battle.
  2. Will it be collaboration or competition that comes out when the chips are down?
  3. Invest early!
  4. Sometimes alliances come out of nowhere.
  5. The game really imitates the complexities that real businesses deal with.
  6. Invest early!

Dave Petri
VP of Marketing
Nester Hosiery

  1. Collaboration is key both within the supply chain & across the industry.
  2. Strategy is actually a verb – it requires constant action.
  3. There are always multiple investments to consider – ultimately it’s finding the balance.
  4. Quite a challenge for a cotton t-shirt – imagine what it is like for more complex products.
  5. Despite the unknown of the future, need to plan for the what-ifs – even if that’s making a SWAG (super-wild-ass-guess).
  6. Regardless of the end results, even the losing team got to drink free beer.

Guru Khalsa
Corporate Responsibility Manager
Columbia Sportswear

  1. Don’t lose sight of the big picture
  2. Be proactive – not taking action (or investing) will cost you!
  3. The key to winning is realizing your whole supply chain is your team.
  4. Don’t go at it alone – there is an eco-system outside your supply chain that is necessary to have on board to scale.
  5. But at the same time don’t lose sight of your competitive edge because there will always be winners and losers.
  6. Social/environmental actions impact brand equity.

Be sure to register for Rendezvous today and also grab your hotel room by the deadline of September 18. Then sign up for the Nike SIX event.

**This story first appeared on the Outdoor Industry Association blog.

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