Vietnam Regulates Azo Dyes and Formaldehyde Found in Textile Products

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The Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade has published Circular 32/2009/TT-BCT that became effective as of December 20, 2009. This interim regulation specifies the content limit of formaldehyde and azo dyes in textile and apparel products that are manufactured, imported and traded in the Vietnam market.
Regulated textile and apparel products imported to Vietnam now require a certificate issued by an accredited testing laboratory that shows compliance test results to this regulation for the purpose of meeting customs clearance requirements.

Overview of Requirements

– Fabric used in the construction industry
– Fabric lining used in the automobile and tire industry and on motorcycles
– Fire-resistant clothing for special requirements
– Industrial canvas products for special purposes
– Fabrics imported for the processing of export products
Additional Resources
Circular 32/2009/TT-BCT (in Vietnamese)

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