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Meet Lina Mayorga: Finalist Redress Design Award 2017

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GreenStitched sits down with the finalists of Redress Design Award 2017 (earlier EcoChic Design Award). Redress Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition organised by Redress, inspiring emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste.

The interviews with these young designers will be posted every Thursday on GreenStitched.

Today we meet Lina, finalist of the Redress Design Award 2017.

MeetTheFinalists-Lina Mayorga

What brought you into the world of fashion? That ‘aha’ moment which opened doors to sustainable fashion?
Sustainable design is my medium to promote love and compassion for our planet while honing my passion in fashion design. When I became vegan, I started reading about the detrimental effects of the fashion industry and decided that I wanted to be ethical in every aspect of my life, including my design philosophy and practice.
Fashion and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive, but mutually beneficial to create a better world for future generations.

What was your inspiration for the Redress Design Award collection?
I was inspired by a United Nations youth conference on the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that I attended.
To my surprise, no one talked about the fashion industry, so I wanted to promote the goals through my colour – blocking graphic collection. I believe that our planet should aim to reach these goals no matter how far-fetched they seem to be to us. If our society is aware of the problems, subconsciously or consciously we can start creating a positive change. For this collection, I applied the design techniques of up-cycling and reconstruction using textile waste sourced from a textile recycling company and leftover fabrics from old projects.

EcoChicDesignAward2017_Finalist_USA_LinaMayorga_Full Collection

3 things you learnt from of the challenge?
I learned that there are always new ways to improve your designs and make them more sustainable. Also, that the road to sustainability is a never-ending path of acquisition of valuable new knowledge, and that I should trust my hard work and my good intentions.
I also learned that as a designer I should educate my customers on how to care the garments to make them last longer since the biggest pollution production comes from the time we wear our clothes.

How do you think sustainable fashion can move from a niche to the mainstream?
We need to break the stereotypes of sustainable fashion and show to people that the resources available in the world are coming to an end because of the mass production. We need to be aggressive in spreading the word about these issues in order to finally move sustainable fashion from being niche to mainstream. There are enough ethical ways to source and use materials for the production of sustainable clothing, these can look as beautiful and well-done as regular clothing.

What is the biggest misconception about sustainable fashion?
I’m always explaining to people that sustainable clothing doesn’t mean recycled junk made into clothing. There’s a misconception that sustainable clothing is bohemian, hippy-like and not versatile. This is incorrect because sustainable clothing can be made with different design styles and can look amazing.

What is your advice for the next breed of fashion designers?
If you believe that your designs and philosophy are right, ethical and key for the future of the fashion industry, you shouldn’t listen to people who want you to remain working in the wrong mindset. Be honest to yourself and the planet and eventually you will find the perfect path for you and your designs.

Where do you go from here? What is next in store for you?
I’m planning to apply for the Redress Design Award 2018 as well as look for options that would help me to start my own sustainable brand. I am still designing sustainable vegan clothing and spreading the word about sustainability through my website, youtube channels and instagram.

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You can follow Lina’s work on Facebook, Instagram and her website.

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