Here you’ll find information about all the clothes swaps organised by us.

But first, let us get familiar with whats and hows of swapping 🙂
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What is a clothes swap event, also what we call as SwapStitched?
Clothes Swap is an event where you swap your clothes with friends, acquaintances or strangers. People take good quality clothing that is lurking un-loved in their wardrobes and swap them for new ones! Retail therapy sans guilt.

We know there are unused, good quality clothes lying in your wardrobe. You liked them once, but you don’t use them anymore. You don’t know who would like to use them. What if you could swap these clothes with someone who would appreciate them. And in turn get something you’d love to wear.
Swap clothes with us to do just that. Clear your unwanted, pre-loved clothing. Give them a new life. Benefit your pockets. And, you’ll also save the environment by reducing textiles becoming waste.

What can you bring at SwapStitched?
– Each person can bring minimum 1 and maximum 10 clothing items.
– Socks, underwear, lingerie are not allowed.
– Make sure the clothes are clean, dry, ironed, smell good.
– Please make sure that items you bring to swap are in a condition that you would be happy to receive them in
– Items must be in a good condition, something that has shrunk, is stained or needs repairing (e.g. missing buttons, broken zips, loose sequins or beading, rips, tears, fabric pulls or holes, bobbly bits, disintegrating seams or hems, lint or fluff) will not be accepted.
– If your clothes have a particular care requirement, it’d be great to have the care label intact or mention the requirements and hang them on the garment.

How does swapping work?
Check-in counter: Attendees drop in their clothes. Our team quality checks, registers and issues coupons.
Swap Floor: All the clothes are displayed here. We will have changing rooms at the venue as well.
Check-out counter: Attendees submit the coupons to check out with their swapped items. Bring your own bags!
– Find out the exact timings of counter and swap floor opening closing in the respective event page.
– For each clothing item you bring at our check-in counter that passes our quality check, you’ll get a coupon that can be exchanged for another item from the swap floor.
– Some clothing items may have a higher coupon value (e.g. 3 coupons for 1 item). Relevant information will be displayed on the swap floor.
– If you need to pick more clothing items than the number of coupons you already have, additional coupons are available at INR 100/- each.
– Money charged will be used to meet expenses of running the event and enabling its future continuity.
– Some of our SwapStitched events may have an entry charge. Please check the event page for exact details.

When you swap with us, do use the hashtag #SwapStitched to share your stories.

Find an upcoming SwapStitched near you

SwapStitched: Monsoon Morning Swap at Bhoomi Santhe
Saturday, 7th July, 2018 at Bhoomi College, Off Sarjapur Road

Entry: INR 100/- per person

Interested to collaborate? Write to us greenstitchedn@gmail.com